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Third Dimension : New Aspect of Rhinoplasty for Beatiful Nose

Fashion, aesthetic and beauty concepts are appear for hundreds of years to the present. It was developed 100 years ago with the concept of beauty is very different from each other in today’s beauty.

How everything in the world is is improving and if people change, nice-nice finds things are changing. In order to understand it, 20-30 years ago with the covers of fashion magazines of today’s fashion magazines covers we compare.

Rhinoplasty Third Dimension Photography

Rhinoplasty Third Dimension Photography

Man’s outward appearance never seen high reputation until the present time, there are no time runs much of today’s popular culture after absolute beauty insists is not a condition. As a result of this status in our society of aesthetic surgery has become very popular.

Aesthetic result of the tissue in the nose surgery technique progress working with more respect to be more comfortable postoperative period, as a result of the development of the science of anesthesia patient comfort and minimizing hazards, along with the development of computer technology, they can be tampered with and photos of patients in this way as a result of the aesthetic plastic surgery of the nose that is called third dimension of rhinoplasty easily determined of changes of the popularity is increasing with each passing day.

Aesthetic nose surgeries are surgeries where science and art. That’s why this topic both surgical techniques and advances in aesthetic is in sight.

In recent years, the aesthetic nose surgery has been a lot of changes in the philosophy, extreme bone and cartilage removal techniques have been abandoned in itself was balanced with other parts of the face, and structural way and adopted the techniques of nasal functions.

Over the years, whether or not a nose aesthetically beautiful ‘ profile ‘ so hand looking at the decision. In this case the success criteria of the nose were limited to only 2 dimensions.

In recent years, as a result of the work; the most common people’s daily life during the ‘ face to face ‘ when communicating with each other and they are located toward the front image is more important. Aesthetic nose surgery with third dimension of rhinoplasty profile with the appearance of a 3. It’s not the size that has been added to the judging which aspects of hand you intended to be done for aesthetic and natural nose on both scores.

Now, during the examination and surgery planning a separate appearance from the front of the nose. When looking at the front nose even the smallest disorder have identified prior to surgery correcting during surgery. So it’s not just 2 size third dimension of rhinoplasty we are committed to building the ideal nose …

What You Need To Know About Rhinoplasty Anesthesia

Nose surgery can be done with local anesthesia and general anesthesia. But otherwise unless  patients, recommended the surgery with general anesthesia. Here it’s very important that my patient’s comfort for me and if I have the surgery a patient receives anesthesia comfortable I can concentrate more comfortable.
General Anesthesia for Rhinoplasty Surgery

General Anesthesia for Rhinoplasty Surgery

On the day of surgery; after the operating room in the hospital, which will be implemented during the surgical procedure done to you in order to feel and remember you, statement of general anesthesia. These applications have been recognized all over the world as a scientific and ethical practice. You, for the operation in preparation for pre-operative surgery preparation of rhinoplasty anesthesia section in the surgery room before; you will be given a drug if it will fit the anesthesiologist. This medicine dry mouth that is causes temporary forgetfulness and sleepiness.

Then you will be taken to the surgery and in the meantime;

  • To assess the State of your heart ECG electrodes will be pasted to your body
  • Serum to be entered with a special needle into your veins for inserting
  • On your fingers, blood oxygenation to be installed in a device
  • Arm blood pressure monitor will be connected.

In addition, the anesthesiologist is required can be made custom applications will see in rhinoplasty anesthesia. If this is to be done about the applications you will be given detailed information. Certain drugs to be given from the attached needle or mask your sleep with a mixture of oxygen and anesthetic drug breathing will be provided, if necessary with the help of control with drugs will be stopped and breathe tools. This process will not be able to remember. Respiratory control will be attached to your windpipe, which is necessary for seen tube continues to be given oxygen and anesthetic drugs through done. After the surgery you will be allowed to start this process.

During your surgery, your vital functions will be monitored on an ongoing basis. If necessary, drug delivery and arrangements will be made. All transactions will be saved, “Anesthesia Monitoring Form” in rhinoplasty anesthesia.

After the operation, we provide the implementation of medication other than oxygen is cut off. Some of them are given medications that eliminate the effects of. If you removed enough from the tube is inserted. You are waking up to her room to follow your status. You will be sent your bed thoroughly after you wake up.

How Do I Find The Right Doctor For Rhinoplasty?

You don’t like your nose, and you want to improve your appearance. Or do you have a problem and the same session for the obstruction of the nose aesthetic nose surgery, you want to be. But who’s going to be your doctor for rhinoplasty you must make the selection based on what?

Rhinoplasty Surgery Before and After

Rhinoplasty Surgery Before and After

The first time you have made with your doctor starting in this process, to enhance your appearance is like a long trip to your doctor. The purpose of this journey as a result of the surgery, the patient’s view of development and the doctor is satisfied with his work. Choosing the right doctor and so both your health is very important in terms of your future.

There are No Standart Aesthetic Rhinoplasty

When looking for the right doctor, I think the first and most healthy way around you, you talk to people who have been operated on before and their advice is taken into consideration. Doctor for Rhinoplasty the patient interacts with patient satisfaction how good dialogue and more from the first sentence, the doctor speaking from your face shape.

Another way that can help in choosing a doctor, do you know any doctors or other branches of health care is to consult the people working in the field. These people all the time in the hospital environment they know who’s doing well which is surgery. The doctor’s experience and skill can guide you about.

Plastic Surgeon or Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist?

The first thing I have to tell you, nose nowadays all over the world, and the top of the ear, nose and throat residency aesthetic facial surgery industry by both General are performed by plastic surgeons. In our country, this surgery is very good ear, nose and throat specialists, such as plastic surgeons are also available. But most important of all, a plastic surgeon or get aesthetic nose surgery, ear, nose and throat specialist is important, a sense of personal experience of the surgeon, aesthetic, and crafts.

Also when choosing doctor for rhinoplasty not only external suppliers for your view of your nose, your breath is the first requirement for a healthy, you should consider an organ.

First of all, the nasal Anatomy and Physiology must be educated about, For the treatment of diseases of the nose and Nasal functions must be mastered to all (i.e. nose while your breath if you have sinusitis or patient must be able to heal at the same session, it also should be able to treat). The most simple nasal bone surgery, Endoscopic Sinus surgery and aesthetic nose surgery to the nose should be, in short, very comfortable with surgery must be done,