10 November 2015

Advantages of Open Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty in more natural, more beautiful and functional result before surgery to get customized for use with technical planning should be determined. The purpose of the operation is indispensable for success in selecting the appropriate technique.

Today, even among the doctors closed rhinoplasty technique when there is no consensus on a technical point clear confused to find it extremely natural. Nose piercings had previously half of Rhinoplasty revision (correction), a significant number of trauma with bent, collapsed on the back of the nose, the nasal tip the fallen will most inevitably open technique to use it more often and after a while your hands open technique, you will start receiving incredible results in all cases.

So whatever performed a rhinoplasty nose surgeon as thousands of personal opinion? If you’re wondering, let me tell you now; “The aim of the Anatolian geography standard nose structure even quite problematic. The wings of the nose from the decrease in the problem of the nasal tip, axle trauma nose completely collapsed the nose up and the structure of the hard cases are collected in a country I mean Anatolia, technical approach  is thought to be better results can be obtained. Years in your shows and change surgical adventures you have gained experience, you renew yourself thanks to which the patient is the application in which the technology advantageous you decide more easily.

Nasal cartilage and bone structure in the way you would prefer to reach the nose and on the skin and remove the add-in, you either full or half-way technique. Approximately 100 years ago, but has been described a closed technical after resolving functional and aesthetic nose problems due to having insufficient time to 25-30 years ago defined the open rhinoplasty technique. So, contrary to popular belief, it is a more recent approach to the open technique.

Provides the right to stand and even the nose cartilage bone structure, nose to nose and wings on his back we should when we prefer the more subtle approach open provides us the perfect technical surgery field. It’s not just aesthetic functional problems (nasal congestion) it is easier to solve in the open technique. Closed technique which will be in the long run decrease the nasal tip, nasal congestion problems such as open technique is less a chance to live

Contrary to popular belief, people made a very small incision closed technique the surgery they think it was made but it’s not like that at all. Open technique successful surgeries done and closed off as a result of inadequate development of the technique, the technique required to occur nowadays closed with technical delivery using the technique of nasal tip and nose wings of all structures of the nose and through being taken out and put back the process made to the nose. I mean, it’s sort of a half-open technical approach is being applied, but the nose back and valve district judge not think constitute perfectly, especially hard, accompanied by functional issues and revision Rhinoplasty patients. Open rhinoplasty surgery patients more pain until I made the technique or the incision, I’ve never met a situation such as in-place marks. From country to country although rhinoplasty is the most country of the United States, 80 of the cases open technique.

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