18 January 2016

Facts of Rhinoplasty

surgery process, you’re going to be a process that you follow when you never feel and then there are some important points to consider. Most of them also avoid situations that increase intracranial pressure. Former  patients most used in the nose pad and come to feel pain after surgery. These disturbing situations remained far behind now. It’s not going to be you and pain after Rhinoplasty nose bumper you will not disturb too much. Sometimes it’s even appropriate in patients with nasal tampon is obsolete in the.

Rhinoplasty (22)

The surgery takes about 1.5-3 hours in facts of rhinoplasty . After arriving at the end of this period is taken to a private room yourself and your follow up is performed here. The head of your bed in your room, sick patients is not necessarily high, and inside the nose pad, on the nose also plaster after . Also have a high and your head after the home is required at regular intervals, you will be prompted to the ice application. According to the type of anesthesia that is applied is usually then you can go home. Sometimes you can be in the hospital.

After surgery you will be unable to breathe through the nose the only problem. The nasal tampons you can get 2 or 3 days later came to the clinic. 5-7 day plaster is replaced and made a new plaster instead of you. This process is easy and painless. New bandage/plaster at 12-14.It will be removed and no longer in the day you can take a bath. You wash your skin and your nose to clean is very important. You can use regular soaps or cleansers.

After rhinoplasty surgery after the first 7 days, you must travel with the aircraft depending on the probability of the development of high pressure due to the bleeding is not recommended. The first 15 days by bending forward, increasing intracranial pressure situations (constipation, sneezing and coughing, etc.) may need to take measures to. During the first 3 months if you wear glasses, you stay away from the team sports played or gathered, it is very important that you do not blow the nose through facts of rhinoplasty . During the summer months you have been sensitive nose use sunscreen to protect your skin.

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