10 March 2016

Necessary Medical Tests Before Rhinoplasty

All surgery, there are risks the risks of plastic surgery is very low, and the patient very gifted surgeon the procedure or procedures in question provided that a good candidate for. Sometimes, it requires more verification than the other nomination and medical tests can be a useful tool to assess the security of potential operations.

If you are interested in rhinoplasty, is one of the world’s most popular facial plastic surgery, then his candidacy much preparation and evaluation is necessary to move forward with the procedure and determine what you may be wondering. Here are the necessary medical tests for the surgery and patient safety.

Medical Tests before Rhinoplasty (1)

Potential Tests

Depending on the patient and doctor, it can be done some tests here prior to Rhinoplasty are:

Physics exam

Rhinoplasty patients must be controlled as that they have not any health problems in physical. So physical examination is in necessary to assess his candidacy for a plastic surgeon. This can be done by a common requirement and surgeon.

Blood tests

Depending on the medical history, blood tests to evaluate whether surgical safe, for example, it may be necessary to monitor factors such as the number of platelets.


In patients with a history of heart problems, an electrocardiogram (EKG or ECG) problems and irregularities, it may be necessary to control.

Pregnancy test

Rhinoplasty is not suitable for pregnant women, as a precaution, surgeons; a pregnancy test comes in necessary medical tests before rhinoplasty for women of childbearing age.

Medical tests are usually done out of an abundance of caution. As a plastic surgeon is not healthy enough for surgery, knowing that medical tests and sometimes are made to ensure that it is safe to continue operations on one never. Distress and potential extra costs can be frustrating, but they are also security and results, the most important aspects of plastic surgery may be required to provide.

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