11 January 2016

New Techniques for Rhinoplasty

plastic surgery is one of the most preferred. Both aesthetically and in terms of health significance. Located in the middle of our face the nose knows, due to the curvature of the size or various problems may cause.Breathing problems, such as problems with snoring being excessively large or curve that annoys people. But it is precisely at this stage, the nose comes in.

, increases self-esteem and makes it look more proportional and smooth face.  before you decide how you want to be realistic and you should talk with your doctor is clearly a conclusion.

Besides, thanks to the evolving technology now non-surgical nose job applications. The cape low, arched appearance, nose bothers a lot of people, such as the width of the wing cases these new can be applied.


Non-surgical Rhinoplasty nose surgery the other reason is more preferred according to the healing process to be shorter with less sense of suffering and pain. Will be held during the day you can return to your everyday life with an application. In addition, surgical intervention is less costly compared to a preferred, of course. Besides, the result is permanent, not temporary. I mean, you can’t have a lasting result.

Permanent installations using the method of filler and botox without the need for surgical intervention within a short span of time should you want to see your aesthetic and natural appearance.

Permanent suspension method in average half an hour 40 minutes is applied. The nose, shrinking as a result of the application. Impairment of the nasal tip or nose people who prefer this method, usually the width of the wing. This technique is applied to the bone or cartilage with a local anesthetic to the tissue is not any intervention, if it is too thin ropes used installations is noticeable. Moreover, if satisfied the person who made the application in a very easy way of retrieving the ropes and he’s going back to his old self in the nose.

Fill non-surgical methods of the other . 4 months to 2 years is an ongoing technical effect. At the end of this process that the process must be refreshed. You can also fill in the resulting image remain satisfied with cell injections can be made persistent. As with the other application, as a result of the implementation of infill patients can immediately go back to daily life.

The effect lasted about 6 months Botox injection is done and after the patient’s facial expression controls application. removing the nasal tip, bridge of the nose is used mostly in operations such as the apparent reduction. The effect is seen in a few days from the application.

Rhinoplasty surgery or non-surgical rhinoplasty be sure patients get rest before the intervention. Postoperative forecast, complaints. According to the structure and expectations of the nose is determined by methods to be implemented. New techniques for rhinoplasty, Non-surgical aesthetic operation that requires surgical intervention, or rhinoplasty is decided.

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