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Expectations from Rhinoplasty Surgery

If you have a problem with your nose, rhinoplasty is ideal aesthetic operation for you. Through this, the process started with consultation to a qualified rhinoplasty surgeon. In this process your nose shape and size analyzed depending on these analyses, the right nose shape and size can be determined. Also, in this time, patient and surgeon discuss the results after the operation may see.

Preparing for rhinoplasty


Consultation for rhinoplasty has a big importance because it determines the whole of the surgery. It is called also a rhinoplasty planning process. On the other hand, while consulting, the expectations should be analyzed carefully both patient and surgeon. This provides the patients’ satisfaction from after surgery results. In other words, before rhinoplasty, patients’ expectations analyzed very carefully and surgeon try to understand if the patient have a realistic expectations about his/her nose and what he/she hoped to achieve.

The results of rhinoplasty surgery can be perfect as you want or can be dramatic. Some patients may want a smaller nose, while some wants bigger. Other expectations from rhinoplasty surgery are breathing, resizing of the nostrils, the correction of an injury or a hunchback changes to elimination.  Procedures of rhinoplasty surgery help patients to have trust and better self-esteem with changing their new nose appearance.

Of course, all of these changes are not appropriate for every patient. Each of them has facial features, nose features and rates will determine the most appropriate to the needs of the changes. For example, a copy of your favorite celebrity’s nose on her face may look great, but the same changes may cause disappointment of the patients.  So, determining realistic expectations from rhinoplasty surgery is a key to plan and perform successful and satisfactory operation.

Ways of Nasal Changes

Rhinoplasty surgery focuses in whole or any part of a single nasal structure depending on patient’s expectations and surgeon’s recommendations for getting best results. Each procedure performs in a unique way that the patient needs and expectations. On the other hand, nose reshaping or resizing operations can performed in the same time through cosmetic or functional nasal problems. In the way o rhinoplasty, patients have mostly complaint curved nose, sharp nose, too small or too large nostrils, up or down nose tip and other nose problems. When functional rhinoplasty is concerned, the operational procedures include internal changes that improve breathing and nasal functions. The cartilage that separates the nasal passage of a deviated septum is a common problem for sinus congestion and shortness of breath. These operations through functional problems not include cosmetic changes all the time, but they can perform depending on patients’ request.

Expected Rhinoplasty Results

Rhinoplasty expectationsWhen you decide to have a rhinoplasty, if you think you have a ideal results that you think best, you may will be disappointment. Modern rhinoplasty techniques that you use fairly amazing things they can do, but there are limits of things. So, you forget the famous people and their nose shape and focusing on your nose. Because the surgery results have changed to your noses’ shape and structure. On the other hand, in these operations there are no excellent nose model people. Each people have a different nose shape, so each surgery has different and unique results. For the best results depending on your thought, you need a detailed consulting with our doctor and see the possible results and nose appearance. A better understanding of the procedure and the result is a more thoughtful and you have a better chance for your satisfaction.

Rhinoplasty is a complex surgery that have more skill and technique experience to get best results bot cosmetic and functional. So if you want to have a rhinoplasty surgery, you should find a qualified surgeon and with a detailed consulting express your expectations about your nose. This period is very important for you to have a guarantee in one way to expected results.

Dissatisfaction of Results

Through many reasons like surgical or about your high level expectations, you will be disappointed from your results. Sometimes, even you have the most realistic expectations from rhinoplasty surgery, you may not be happy the final results. So, if your nose shape after surgery is not suitable for you, you will think a revision rhinoplasty to make additional changes. Of course you think more detailed way with your surgeon and palled carefully all the process. If you have disappointment again in your revision surgery, the most important thing you know is you must have realistic expectations as our surgeon said.

Coverage of Functional Rhinoplasty

Respiratory problems are a real problem for many people in the world. Although the causes of these problems are very different, most can be treated with nasal surgery: functional rhinoplasty.  Of course, functional rhinoplasty surgeons have to do with financial aspects, most to hear a couple of questions: How much does it cost? And what is the coverage of functional rhinoplasty?

Functional Rhinoplasty(7)

Insurance Coverage

The good news is that, in many cases, functional nasal surgery is that it is possible to pay for health insurance. The bad news is that your procedure will be covered should not take for granted so that coverage is largely a health insurance provider and varies depending on the individual plan.

Each insurance policy is different and respiratory problems are seeking coverage for about rhinoplasty, you read very careful policy and need to make sure you get the coverage of functional rhinoplasty you need. If the insurance does cover the process of a successful claim you’ll need for all exams, make sure you get notes and other evidence.

Elective cosmetic nose improvements not covered by the vast majority of insurance plans. Insurance to cover the functional part of the procedure which mostly only this is mainly functional Rhinoplasty call, but also at the same time by making cosmetic changes may pose a problem for patients who combining functional and cosmetic rhinoplasty is a smart move, but you may have to pay some expenses out of pocket.

If you are not eligible for insurance coverage, but if you are interested in the benefits of rhinoplasty, though, still has options coverage of functional rhinoplasty the cost of the procedure. Most of the procedure is not covered by insurance for most plastic surgeons, we offer patients financing. These plans are usually pretty fair, but circumstances and what you before you decide to move forward, it is important to understand yourself.

Types of Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty offers a wide range of targets can be used to perform is a versatile and effective method. Nose surgery due to overall facial appearance, due to the fact that affects balance and even your personal identity, is extremely complex. Often the nose Rhinoplasty surgery is an important Center for functional role.

Therefore, some plastic surgeons, rhinoplasty specialists into indicate a high level of skill and dedication, a distinction I’ve dedicated a lot of his time and energy. That’s because many goals you can do rhinoplasty, must master many subsets of the procedure experts.

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Revision Rhinoplasty

Unfortunately, not all types of rhinoplasty procedures are a beautiful result. Sometimes, I do not go and second Rhinoplasty as planned surgery should be done back to the beauty and function of the nose. This is an extremely difficult surgery, revision Rhinoplasty nose surgery is a process that only experts equipped to fight.

Reconstructive Rhinoplasty

Another challenging procedure, reconstructive Rhinoplasty neurological disease or deformity the following focuses on the nose again. Sports injuries are a common cause for nose trauma, and Reconstructive Rhinoplasty is a specialized skill to complete successfully gets a highly individual process.

Cosmetic Rhinoplasty

Cosmetic rhinoplasty is generally the most common types of rhinoplasty are known as a “nose job”. This surgery is performed and crooked nose or cosmetic reasons completely irregular nostrils can be used to handle anything a humpback bridge over the nose. Aside from the obvious aesthetic nose problems, cosmetic Rhinoplasty is also resulting in a better overall facial aesthetics face can improve balance and harmony.

Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Ethnic rhinoplasty refers those cosmetic types of rhinoplasty to any non-Caucasian Rhinoplasty procedure.  Certain ethnic groups, ethnic rhinoplasty surgeons do a special procedure requiring skill, thick nose as nose cartilage skin or thin features.

Functional Rhinoplasty

For many people, it is a functional rhinoplasty, surgery is not cosmetic.  Functional rhinoplasty greatly deviated septum, turbinate enlarged developing problems, such as improving the quality of a person’s life, and even sleep apnea.