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Non-ideal People for Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is an aesthetic surgery that can be applied easily for both men and women. After the completion of the development of the person there is no reason to live with not satisfied nose. Through facilitated and certainly more comfortable thanks to the nose become people looks so much happier.


Because of body status, psychological problems or unrealistic expectations of people, they are not being appropriate candidates for rhinoplasty surgery. Many doctors reject the aesthetics even if the request of those people. Because, in some cases, it is clear in the first place, people would not be satisfied what a beautiful nose swum.

One of the groups that include non-ideal people for rhinoplasty is in a very advanced age with serious chronic diseases accompanied. So these people are not recommended applying nose job. Rhinoplasty for any age limit, although you may not be placed in very advanced age not available. A chronic, serious ailments like heart, diabetes coupled nose aesthetics age background later.

People who are not satisfied with the previous rhinoplasty aesthetics or have an additional blow on the nose that are being operated with nose job surgery may have a rhinoplasty one more time. But this is just a one-off thing. Then your nose, you should be familiar with the bones, cartilage tissue damage. Therefore the doctors are not to help much either for a third rhinoplasty surgery.

Psychology is an Important Factor for Rhinoplasty

Aesthetic operation is one way to escape of people who deal with serious psychiatric problems. But that can lead to larger problems after aesthetic operations as long as psychiatric problems so not recommended to people in these situations. This time the person’s spiritual sense of depression has undergone such changes can take the situation worsen.

Another psychological problem is to become obsessed with the nose. You may not be satisfied with the structure of your nose but all it has cost to your life to become psychologically obsessed and damaged with you. This is ideal if you are a patient in a doctor’s thinking can offer.

Another rhinoplasty surgery that doctors did not want to perform is the case that person does not decide the nose job surgery clearly. Although people have not a problem with their nose, about living away from home and his wife, lover or family with the person feels compelled that aesthetics vaccination of his self-esteem. In this way, your wife, or he thought of his families’ happiness and in the psychological sense of it. See also posed an open edition is not her idea of herself beautiful ‘ salutary ‘ nose. In this case the doctor’s surgery. Because the main purpose of the person’s health and aesthetics in terms of appearance is to make happy. The person has attempted to please others with an aesthetic operation and catch away of the principal purposes of the rhinoplasty surgery. In this case, this condition is valid both rhinoplasty surgery and the other aesthetic operations.

smokers_are_non-ideal_people_for_rhinoplasty_surgeryOn the other hand, smoker patients are non-ideal people for rhinoplasty, and also other aesthetic surgeries. Like every medical intervention in the process of blood circulation improvement in plastic surgery of great importance. Smoking is the biggest enemy of our blood. We sucked into a vortex and it prevents vascular blood slowing recovering will be extended by the duration of smoking, aesthetic and at the same time causing capillary problems. Doctors therefore are patients stop smoking, at least before the surgery and then advise them to drink for a long time.

Other non-ideal people for rhinoplasty is the patients who cannot be convinced that the rhinoplasty have specialties for each person. They have the only people holding a photograph of a celebrity and just demand that the person’s nose. This is one of the many doctor would take issue with status, people probably will not satisfy the. Because the purpose of plastic surgery not resembles another one, is to optimize the one obtained.

Are You Ideal for Rhinoplasty Surgery

The aesthetic appearance of the middle nasal, hence affecting more than coach is an organ. For this reason, the shape or structure of the nose disorders is quite bothersome contacts. Nose surgery (Rhinoplasty), you can have a nice, attractive appearance with. So are you suitable candidates for rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is an operation at the end of this intervention is appropriate for the health status of the person. In addition to physical health must be psychologically healthy. You must have completed the development of the personality of the aesthetic concerns, obsession, rather than after the operation become physically and psychologically healthiness will help you to make the step-by-step approach. For this reason you must not available age period. Minimum age limit is in girls 16-17 and males 17-18. Upper age limit as long as the other conditions are appropriate.

Patients that have this operation must be prepared themselves of the excellence appearance. Because there is no being perfect rhinoplasty surgery. If the patients’ expectations are reasonable or forms through in accordance with the doctor recommendations, healing process will be more comfortable after rhinoplasty surgery. People must be in healthy relationships with doctors. Tell your doctors do not want what they want and they must clear. I think they just have to ask all of the questions openly and must be satisfied with the answer they received.

Having an aesthetic nose social and private life will allow you to be more psychologically healthy. Restore your confidence in yourself; you will make it more attractive in your environment.

Rhinoplasty in Pregnancy

To live in a healthy pregnancy process, pass health checks before you were pregnant. Because the mother’s genetic structure from the risks of nutrition, disease form of life as many factors, positive or negative impact on the process of pregnancy. This is one of the factors that affect the period, nasal health. Meats or curvatures that are seen on nose, affect negatively both mother and baby during pregnancy to get enough oxygen. So there may appear many questions about rhinoplasty in pregnancy.


Hormonal changes experienced during pregnancy and factors such as excess weight, nasal capillaries widen, to the growth of meat or glands, causing the increase of the function. As a result, prevents air passage obstruction in the nose may occur. Nasal congestion reaches the advanced level candidates for healthy mother not breathing. This comfortable sleep during pregnancy can lead to sleep. Especially in the structure of the nose curvature before the pregnancy, this type of problems such as nose meat is present then experienced complaints can increase further. Curvature of the nose or the problem with the meat before you were pregnant or if pregnancy is the period of controls should be done needs to be rerouted to the surgery.

Comfortably breathing ourselves first and then the greatest gift we can give our baby. The changing hormones during pregnancy are changing the balance of the body. The hormones secreted during pregnancy nasal capillaries causes expansion. Furthermore, this nose can grow meat. This condition accounts for comfortable breathing. In addition, experienced breathing problems during natural childbirth birth can make things difficult. So these kind of conditions rhinoplasty in pregnancy can be applied.

Nasal bone curvatures or in shifts can interfere with breathing, causing the blockage. It also predisposed to this bone curvature increases and nose, sinusitis and respiratory function may not survive. Hormonal changes brought on by pregnancy, when added to this situation, the mother is becoming harder and harder to breathe.


Prior to pregnancy, polyp or bone curvatures nose complaints to see women with treatment is recommended. The curvature of the nose during pregnancy again or meat is available, and under the control of doctor complaints such as growth requires both the mother and baby’s health is of great importance. In some cases there can also be removed surgically before pregnancy can easily address these issues. If a mother to be brought up to the same session for the operation patient respiratory nose operation can be carried out either in accordance with the request. The same session for the curvature of the nose made flesh, and aesthetic nose operation, according to the usually more successful operations separately.

Curvature of the nose or in General can be sourced from a non-aesthetic nose genetics can also occur later. The genetic code for all body shapes and even character. Determining the function of the nasal structure first genetically part of the plan; but then there are also nasal structure and function of trauma is passed more to shape different reason. The Cape is a part of the curvatures in the mother’s uterus during childbirth face upon exiting the jam in a sense can be spend trauma. The cartilage that occurs at birth can grow cracks distinction. Curvature of the nose aesthetic concerns grows difference aside comfortable breathing trouble. If your baby does not create trouble breathing if you have surgical intervention for the curvature of the nose problem rhinoplasty in pregnancy need to rush.

Non-functional nose instead of before, during and after pregnancy in the nose to breathe and a lot more to have a functional aesthetic which is true and this is possible with a surgical procedure in a single procedure.

Hormonal changes during pregnancy as a result of an increase in the function of the gland, nasal capillaries expansion, during pregnancy, weight gain can cause an increase in nasal congestion complaints. Nasal congestion according to the degree of some parents may be uncomfortable for the candidates. Meat in the nose can be growing during pregnancy. This situation makes it difficult to breathe at ease and experienced during natural childbirth breathing problems can make it difficult birth. Anatomic narrowing caused by curvature of the deviated septum that nasal bone, swelling of the sinus disease, or turbinate diseases such as nasal congestion. If pregnancy cold added any one or more of pregnancy, these conditions will be more difficult for both mother and expected baby.

Pre-pregnancy allergic cold, nasal polyp, sinus complaints (sinusitis) needs to treat the ladies with problems. Mommies’ pre-pregnancy nasal occlusion causes for complaints are required to apply to a qualified doctor. Nasal curve of the nose is sourced from this situation you should consider a functional aesthetic Rhinoplasty expert doctor or surgeon, and admissions.

Teenage Rhinoplasty


Nose affects the all appearance of face because it is on right in the middle of the face, which is the most common place of human. if there is a problem in a visual way on you child’s nose, this case being the subject of ridicule among his friends and can cause your child seated nicknames. Especially children in this regard can be very cruel many of the times, because they didn’t know exactly how it would make you feel for the person across. Precisely for this reason, if your child is uncomfortable for his/her external image, may want to make a nose surgery (rhinoplasty). In these conditions, if you come close to your child unwittingly faulted, you can adversely affect your child’s personal development and psychology.

Nowadays, getting plastic surgery is very popular. We can say who do famous almost no with aesthetic in the world. Definitely, it is a natural requirement that people wanting to look good. But the aesthetics initiatives to comply with fashion then made him/her the unhappy person and breaks psychology.

If you think that your child really needs a rhinoplasty surgery, you should try to choose the right doctor. When doing research for doctor, it is important point to be extremely careful. Each doctor or surgeon that you have read the news in the newspaper, on television or in the forums not to be said good doctor. So when selecting a doctor, make an appointment to go to the practice of the doctors in person and consult with their patients.

Your Attitude has a Great Importance

In adolescence period and rite of passage during the development and character, young people concerns with their bodies. During this period the child aware of his body and begins to spend more time in front of the mirror and self-disapprobation, as well as various complexes can occur. In the event that this disapprobation most probably is the nose and nose shape according to researches.


Therefore in our society the most common cosmetic surgery is rhinoplasty to enhance the beauty of face. The reason for this is that the most of the people have a nose with bony structure, arched and large nose. Especially nose shape can distort the psychology of patients. This is especially true during adolescence is more apparent. During this period that shaped his/ her place in community, child’s general living and self-love problems with the appearance of face, can cause trouble in the mood of them, unhappiness, behavior disorders and a lack of confidence.

If your child is unhappy you must be seriously and more understanding this situation towards him. If your child wants to have nose surgery, you should;

  • Do not to react extremely
  • Try to figure out why he / she want to have aesthetic
  • Do not judge
  • Avoid Confrontation
  • Do not attempt to talk
  • Accept the situation


And most importantly, you try to understand if your child really wants this surgery. However, you confirm the status of this process also accompany your child and your child’s doctor’s appointment in the why try to figure out what he / she want have this operation. You get from a solution in this regard your child make this condition more magnificent through into problems unresolved in his / her head.


Does Your Child is a True Candidate for Rhinoplasty?

It’s nice and felt more valuable to be appreciated by others and be happy all the people to be called charming. As a result, peoples’ social entity shapes in the community. People can be more aggressive and completely self-confident or timid and lack of self-esteem through their condition and role in community.

For all the parents for their children is beautiful and well-shaped. This emotion is inherent in all people. Therefore, parents may not see any defects in their children. However, your child may not be at peace his image and it has made a problem. In this case be understanding against him and you should try to figure out the boundaries of the surgery and also what will rhinoplasty make a difference in his life.

For children in adolescence period, the surgery of nose has done in the form of teenage rhinoplasty, This kind of nose job, the doctor or surgery analyze the shape of nose and analyze the growth and development of children’s face and nose both now and future. According to these analyzes, if there is not any problem of the nasal structure of the nose, the operation has done.


You should determine some of cases to determine if your child is a candidate of rhinoplasty. These are listed as below:

  • If your child’s nose is incompatible with the face or have a nose that too big for his face
  • He / She constantly missed face-to-face with people
  • He / She constantly trying to make his / her external image flaws with computer software
  • To avoid placing photos of himself to his social media profile page
  • Looking at his face and nose in the mirror all the time
  • He has a curved nose and he is not satisfied with his nose shape
  • And lastly, your child has a nasal congestion problems, he / she is a good candidate for teenage rhinoplasty.

Process and Changes after Teenage Rhinoplasty

The goal of this surgical procedure known as rhinoplasty is correcting distortion of nose and to resolve the curved bone deviations that interferes with breathing and healthy functional disorders. Rhinoplasty operations target is to ensure a nose structure that patient can breathe comfortable. Beside, in this surgery a special nose shape is created according symmetry of face.


Rhinoplasty surgery in emotional and social maturity levels is considered very important for also teenage rhinoplasty as other nose job for adults. Through this, for girls after 16, for boys after 17 age is a limit for rhinoplasty for the growth and development process of nose have done.  Recovery after surgery will vary depending on the person. Implement the recommendations of your doctor for after surgery, swelling and bruising that can occur on the nose, it is important in terms of the formation of edema.  According to the type of surgery, recovery will be with 6 and 12 months into the shape of the nose and escaped from the last 1 year in some patients.

Risks of Teenage Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is a quite complicated plastic surgery because of the surgery mostly carried out for properly truncating the nasal bone. A number of risks related to anesthesia during surgery, as well as; post-operative bleeding, infection, discharge, nausea, vomiting, difficulty breathing, swelling and bruising around the eye, or numbness in the tip of the nose, leaving in place the seam, nasal congestion and rarely fragrance can be a temporary loss in breathing. Therefore, rhinoplasty surgery results in precise and clear, even the smallest negative details for private equity as complications. In the hands of an experienced surgeon results were satisfactory and evident complications observed as very rare.

Rhinoplasty surgery – also as teenage rhinoplasty– there are many challenges separately for each case. Prior to the surgery to correct these disorders in the nose techniques should be evaluated carefully, it is worth noting that a plan should be done and the surgery perform courtesy and patience. Rhinoplasty is a surgery that the best results are received in a most difficult way compare to the other aesthetic operations. But although all conditions and steps of surgery observe carefully, sometimes unexpected situations can occur. Already, complications defined as unexpected situations during or after surgery that require separate attention.

As with all aesthetic surgeries, in rhinoplasty surgeries there is not talking about something for called guaranteed results. The goal of rhinoplasty surgery is elimination of the anatomical disorders of the nose and has a natural shape nose that fits the face of the person.