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Expectations from Rhinoplasty Surgery

If you have a problem with your nose, rhinoplasty is ideal aesthetic operation for you. Through this, the process started with consultation to a qualified rhinoplasty surgeon. In this process your nose shape and size analyzed depending on these analyses, the right nose shape and size can be determined. Also, in this time, patient and surgeon discuss the results after the operation may see.

Preparing for rhinoplasty


Consultation for rhinoplasty has a big importance because it determines the whole of the surgery. It is called also a rhinoplasty planning process. On the other hand, while consulting, the expectations should be analyzed carefully both patient and surgeon. This provides the patients’ satisfaction from after surgery results. In other words, before rhinoplasty, patients’ expectations analyzed very carefully and surgeon try to understand if the patient have a realistic expectations about his/her nose and what he/she hoped to achieve.

The results of rhinoplasty surgery can be perfect as you want or can be dramatic. Some patients may want a smaller nose, while some wants bigger. Other expectations from rhinoplasty surgery are breathing, resizing of the nostrils, the correction of an injury or a hunchback changes to elimination.  Procedures of rhinoplasty surgery help patients to have trust and better self-esteem with changing their new nose appearance.

Of course, all of these changes are not appropriate for every patient. Each of them has facial features, nose features and rates will determine the most appropriate to the needs of the changes. For example, a copy of your favorite celebrity’s nose on her face may look great, but the same changes may cause disappointment of the patients.  So, determining realistic expectations from rhinoplasty surgery is a key to plan and perform successful and satisfactory operation.

Ways of Nasal Changes

Rhinoplasty surgery focuses in whole or any part of a single nasal structure depending on patient’s expectations and surgeon’s recommendations for getting best results. Each procedure performs in a unique way that the patient needs and expectations. On the other hand, nose reshaping or resizing operations can performed in the same time through cosmetic or functional nasal problems. In the way o rhinoplasty, patients have mostly complaint curved nose, sharp nose, too small or too large nostrils, up or down nose tip and other nose problems. When functional rhinoplasty is concerned, the operational procedures include internal changes that improve breathing and nasal functions. The cartilage that separates the nasal passage of a deviated septum is a common problem for sinus congestion and shortness of breath. These operations through functional problems not include cosmetic changes all the time, but they can perform depending on patients’ request.

Expected Rhinoplasty Results

Rhinoplasty expectationsWhen you decide to have a rhinoplasty, if you think you have a ideal results that you think best, you may will be disappointment. Modern rhinoplasty techniques that you use fairly amazing things they can do, but there are limits of things. So, you forget the famous people and their nose shape and focusing on your nose. Because the surgery results have changed to your noses’ shape and structure. On the other hand, in these operations there are no excellent nose model people. Each people have a different nose shape, so each surgery has different and unique results. For the best results depending on your thought, you need a detailed consulting with our doctor and see the possible results and nose appearance. A better understanding of the procedure and the result is a more thoughtful and you have a better chance for your satisfaction.

Rhinoplasty is a complex surgery that have more skill and technique experience to get best results bot cosmetic and functional. So if you want to have a rhinoplasty surgery, you should find a qualified surgeon and with a detailed consulting express your expectations about your nose. This period is very important for you to have a guarantee in one way to expected results.

Dissatisfaction of Results

Through many reasons like surgical or about your high level expectations, you will be disappointed from your results. Sometimes, even you have the most realistic expectations from rhinoplasty surgery, you may not be happy the final results. So, if your nose shape after surgery is not suitable for you, you will think a revision rhinoplasty to make additional changes. Of course you think more detailed way with your surgeon and palled carefully all the process. If you have disappointment again in your revision surgery, the most important thing you know is you must have realistic expectations as our surgeon said.

Reasons of Second / Revision Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is one of the more complex and delicate facial plastic surgery, so rhinoplasty surgeons requires the highest level of skill and experience. In rhinoplasty surgery, there have been a very high success rate between patients and is intended to results last a lifetime. Though, some patients may think a second surgical procedure for reshaping the nasal structure. There are many different reasons for second / revision rhinoplasty application-maybe there are so many reasons why it should be the primary surgery-but there are three most common reasons are there.

Reasons of patients have revision rhinoplasty

If There Are Complications after Rhinoplasty

The nose is one of the most delicate and complex area of all human body. Therefore, there must be selected only the most experienced and skilled facial plastic surgeons to perform rhinoplasty surgery. Otherwise, if rhinoplasty surgery with a less capable or less skilled surgeon or up in a hurry up without detailed planning, postoperative complications can occur that require a second rhinoplasty. Some of unwanted complications after rhinoplasty are in reasons of second / revision rhinoplasty.

Surgery complications can include the following five conditions. First complication is nose wrinkles and breakdowns through the bridge of nose. This can cause both affect appearance and breathing quality.  Excessive scar tissue growth is the second problem after rhinoplasty surgery. Third and one of the most common complications is a nasal deviated septum. This can be very disturbing for patients. Respiratory or sinus difficulties are the fourth of these complications and these are also turning to serious health problems. Finally collapsed nasal valve is also the seen complications after rhinoplasty surgery. If the first rhinoplasty surgery is affecting the functionality of the nose, second / revision rhinoplasty should be planned to repair damages and correct the problem.

Unhappy Patients with Their Nose Appearance

Revision rhinoplasty for happiness of nose appearanceFor rhinoplasty surgery, each patients and surgeons expect the best results. But through the misled expectations of patients before surgery may cause disappointing results after rhinoplasty. if you expect to see changes that physically non possible with nose structure, after surgery, you cannot happy your nose appearance. On the other hand, if you and your facial plastic surgeon does not communicate well before surgery, keep in mind that your results may be away from base compared to reality. In other cases, a facial plastic surgeon the ability to create this ideal in mind your nose or information may be missing. Although rarely, errors, and your results will disappoint you, so it will be one of the reasons of second / revision rhinoplasty.

A second rhinoplasty is seen as a second chance for patients to achieve optimum results in such unhappiness conditions. Usually, patients that think second rhinoplasty want to turn to facial plastic surgeons to have their expected changes.

Nasal Damages after Rhinoplasty Surgery

Even the most perfect of the results of rhinoplasty facial trauma and nose injury can be destroyed the nose shape. After the rhinoplasty surgery, there will be no more or less vulnerable through your nose, therefore, to participate in activities such as sporting events or facial injury can cause a damage of the nose structure and damage after rhinoplasty surgery.  However, primary rhinoplasty surgery can be used to fi injuries to patients, also second rhinoplasty can be applied easily.

Briefly for the cases of injury and node damages are the reasons of second / revision rhinoplasty surgery. That time, it is important that the selected surgeon should be very talented and expert of rhinoplasty surgery. Also, the patient’s nose changes can be told him/her before surgery. Otherwise, patients again disappointed with their nose appearance and they are not find enough the changes.

Revision Rhinoplasty with Natural Grafts

Rhinoplasty is a procedure and a famous hard and complex, it may be necessary to process the next revision will become even more complex with surgeries. With that in mind, some surgeons are already a surgery on the nose it is amazing what you can accomplish. Scar tissue, cartilage grafts structural weakness and all procedures you can do even more complex problems.

Revision rhinoplasty with natural grafts is an important part of the process of strengthening and nose shape, and almost every procedure is used. But some additional vaccination challenges during surgery revisions?

Revision Rhinoplasty with Natural Grafts(24)

Rhinoplasty operations for synthetic implants, you will prefer to use while there are some plastic surgeons when possible, many surgeons would use quite natural cartilage grafts today. This is for a variety of reasons. First, the patient’s own cartilage based on a silicone or Gore-Tex implants are less likely to be rejected by the body. Second, the cartilage can be easily harvested and carved the shapes necessary to produce good results.

Cartilage also has low infection rate and tend to the most natural look. Implants can be a good option in some patients, but there is always the risk of extrusion and rejection.

Challenges of Natural Grafts

Revision rhinoplasty with natural grafts, cartilage graft has several important challenges. Nose structure arising from the manipulation and septum cartilage tissues are usually obvious. The surgeon also scar tissue can become major problems to deal with and not cause problems, you need to be very careful.

When choosing the right surgeon: as a patient, your revision rhinoplasty can control in preventing complications of the procedure is one of the factors that are most important. Revision rhinoplasty with natural grafts is such a complex procedure, only highly skilled and experienced specialists will be able to good results for most patients. Technique, skill, and good for the art closely patient aftercare and then revision Rhinoplasty can be critical to success, are the most important factors.