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Revision Rhinoplasty with Natural Grafts

Rhinoplasty is a procedure and a famous hard and complex, it may be necessary to process the next revision will become even more complex with surgeries. With that in mind, some surgeons are already a surgery on the nose it is amazing what you can accomplish. Scar tissue, cartilage grafts structural weakness and all procedures you can do even more complex problems.

Revision rhinoplasty with natural grafts is an important part of the process of strengthening and nose shape, and almost every procedure is used. But some additional vaccination challenges during surgery revisions?

Revision Rhinoplasty with Natural Grafts(24)

Rhinoplasty operations for synthetic implants, you will prefer to use while there are some plastic surgeons when possible, many surgeons would use quite natural cartilage grafts today. This is for a variety of reasons. First, the patient’s own cartilage based on a silicone or Gore-Tex implants are less likely to be rejected by the body. Second, the cartilage can be easily harvested and carved the shapes necessary to produce good results.

Cartilage also has low infection rate and tend to the most natural look. Implants can be a good option in some patients, but there is always the risk of extrusion and rejection.

Challenges of Natural Grafts

Revision rhinoplasty with natural grafts, cartilage graft has several important challenges. Nose structure arising from the manipulation and septum cartilage tissues are usually obvious. The surgeon also scar tissue can become major problems to deal with and not cause problems, you need to be very careful.

When choosing the right surgeon: as a patient, your revision rhinoplasty can control in preventing complications of the procedure is one of the factors that are most important. Revision rhinoplasty with natural grafts is such a complex procedure, only highly skilled and experienced specialists will be able to good results for most patients. Technique, skill, and good for the art closely patient aftercare and then revision Rhinoplasty can be critical to success, are the most important factors.

Revision Rhinoplasty Reasons

Rhinoplasty can handle a wide range of topics that are extremely versatile. Therefore, it’s probably the most customizable and all popular cosmetic surgery procedures for successful results the surgeon’s skill, art, facial aesthetic knowledge and the ability to predict the results will depend on including many different factors.

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Surgeons were typical, preserving the function of nose, cartilage, bone and leather will take place as the weakening has shifted inside the nose the nasal structures inevitable. Sometimes, do not hold this weakened structures and patients this type of nasal valve collapse, but also as a problem have an aesthetic component problems comes in revision rhinoplasty reasons. Good nose function wellness and good quality of life and should be addressed with surgical revision rhinoplasty can be usually after is required for any breathing problems.

Aesthetic Deformation

Aside from the purely aesthetic in nature at the same time asymmetry of postoperative have some deformities that may occur. One of the most common occurs when there is no adequate support to the nasal tip “polly beak” deformity hangs down like a parrot’s beak, is and. To pursue further changes until the nose completely unfortunately, as with other issues, you must wait for all patients.

Poor Healing

Although the ultimate outcome of rhinoplasty surgeon’s skills, the main component of cartilage and skin quality, the harmony of the patient and the severity of the problems and post-operative directions, there are other factors of revision rhinoplasty reasons. Poor healing may result in many different triggers and weak recovery of patients ignore medical advice that adversely affect the overall results of the process and even find security can affect.


It is impossible to predict every aspect of healing and reduces swelling in the nose are revision rhinoplasty reasons for a few months sometimes nose asymmetries and depressions will appear. Sometimes, steroid injections or fillers can be used to help with minor problems, but other matters require surgery followed.