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Male Rhinoplasty

Male patients, can enhance a facial symmetry, profile balances, you can raise the levels of self-esteem and can get great satisfaction from the results of rhinoplasty. If you are a guy who thinks the process of rhinoplasty, this special considerations you learn more about the process and can help you decide if it’s true or not.

All prospective rhinoplasty patients must start as long one to one consultation with a qualified and skilled rhinoplasty surgeon and discuss the appropriateness of medical history and desired results after surgery. To discover whether you are a good candidate for surgery to discover whether, you must have the good health status, smoking and the healing process should not have any health conditions that can interfere. Facial plastic surgeon for rhinoplasty also expects to avoid potential false communication and poor results you will want to ensure that realistic.

Before you start to a male rhinoplasty procedure, beyond these basic qualifications for surgery you will need to have a fully mature a nose. To get results for the rest of your life, raise the nose must be done before surgery. Immature nasal structures can affect your results over time. Most male patients’ surgery before you consider must be between the ages of 15 to 17. Face your plastic surgeon will evaluate the nose and Rhinoplasty surgery will determine your suitability for rhinoplasty surgery.

Physical View of Male vs Female Rhinoplasty

Of course, every patient is unique, so each and every nose Rhinoplasty procedure must be customized to achieve the best results. Most of the nose at least similar basic structures, while male nose usually according to his nose slightly different angles of the nose, the proportions and general specifications. For example, men with a hard angle between the bases of the nose can be seen on the upper lip; this is usually a less harsh faster than women. These differences and others, male Rhinoplasty can bring a different approach to the process. Beyond the nasal structure, most of the female also has a thick, vascular skin than women. Potential complications such as excessive bleeding or fluid retention to prevent rhinoplasty precautions caution at the time.

With another physical thought of male rhinoplasty for patients, nose to a previously untreated injury is likely. Male patients, sports are exposed to trauma and other trauma to continue with a higher likelihood of other damage; this is the surgeon to make internal and structural changes in their procedures. Some of the effects of the damage before, deviated septum, nasal bridge repaired bad bones, wrinkles, bumps or can include nasal discharge, and more. Rhinoplasty procedure to obtain optimum results, patient and may include functional and cosmetic changes.

Psychological View in Male Rhinoplasty

As a man who thinks the rhinoplasty surgery, psychological factors of the process that you are experiencing may be slightly different than that of a female patient. Rhinoplasty is less common among men, because of the social stigma surrounding male aesthetic surgery, therefore, your hesitation; you can have doubts about your selecting. All of these considerations are very realistic for male patients, but these feelings are new to open the path to the desired results and for your view pleasure. Before the surgery when you can talk with your plastic surgeon to resolve your concerns.

Rhinoplasty and Sinus Surgery

Nose is an important part of the face, so the nose function and health is very important for people. Also nose structure can affect the all facial appearance and general health of other organs. Because of these reasons there are many operations that surgeons performed to correct the nose problems. There are rhinoplasty / nose job surgeries. On the other hand sinus surgeries are also used for providing nose health. So, is there are difference between these two surgery? If there are, what are these differences between two surgery types?

Rhinoplasty is the most common plastic surgery procedures that are applied by plastic surgeons through patients’ needs and expectations. The goal of this surgery is reshaping nose or increase the nose performance. With rhinoplasty there can be creates a charming nose that is being a more general appearance or are corrected a narrow bridge, ridge, nostrils or other facial features to provide a compatible nose shape. In addition to that, one other advantage of rhinoplasty is that better breathing after surgery.

Generally, rhinoplasty is performed for reconstructive or medical reasons that are only insured outpatient examination. During a rhinoplasty, cartilage is removed through incisions hidden skin. Through next process, the statue of cartilage, pock and nose can be corrected. The skin is then covered again, depending on how the new nose and cuts. Finally the nose shape and breathing problems can be corrected in a right way depending both needs and expectations of patients.

A qualified and skilled surgeon will use different techniques for patients as well as different ethnic origin both men and women. Patients wear the splint for six days and some may feel less pain and bloating. Patients can return to work within a week. When sinus surgery is concerned, there are several different direction according to the needs of the patient. The first one is the endoscopic sinus surgery and recurrent or unresponsive patients infected sinuses sinus congestion is a minimal invasive procedure used to resolve.

The phrase a split septum is being heard many of times especially through breathing and sleeping problems and undoubtedly a few of us went into someone’s have actually undergone the surgery. Septoplasty is a surgical procedure to repair the septum or the distance between the nostrils. Septum function is to support the membranes to organize the flow of air and nose mucous nose support. When picking up the septum away from the midline of the record. The most common symptom is difficulty to breathe through the nose and one side is usually worse. Crooked septum can intervene and draining sinuses can lead to repeated sinus infections.

A deviated septum is one of the reasons of tumors, chronic nasal congestion and polyps that patients seeking septoplasty. Through this surgery there have been removed nasal polyps. Polyps may cause chronic nasal and sinus inflammation that swelling or may result in the opening of the sinus. Clogging, shortness of breath and may cause chronic sinus infections.

Some surgeons recommend to their patients, rhinoplasty and sinus surgery and they can be done at the same time. If you are looking for either procedure, the surgeon will discuss the consultation, if you are a suitable candidate for both or a rhinoplasty can correct your respiratory problems. Functional rhinoplasty procedure improves the appearance and shape of noses but also respiratory congestion repairs, repairs or damage as a result of injury; repair birth defects or widening the nasal valves.

The aim of many patients who are looking rhinoplasty is simply to have a better nose, but most of the time after the surgery they know they’re a better functionality. But it can be done in conjunction with septoplasty or rhinoplasty and sinus surgery. Rhinoplasty surgeon surgery inside and outside of the nose becomes better and better form and function. Some patients may have decided to make two layers for rhinoplasty. Patient desires a better form and better function. However, whatever the reason, a patient’s quest for rhinoplasty, it is important to carefully research the physician.

Rhinoplasty surgeries are common, so people all more than capable of the plastic surgeons can assume them. Although a talented surgeon, rhinoplasty, common in a correct manner. Other features of the face, such as the patient’s age, gender and ethnic origin also must be taken into account. By someone else before surgery revision procedures on patients is applied. This procedure is much more complicated. For some patients, select a rhinoplasty or sinus procedure they select doesn’t break and answer about dry, because in some cases both. However, they suffer from chronic sinus infections and septum are formatted a new nose for patients with a bonus and through this the rhinoplasty and sinus surgery may done together. Though, is probably the main objective of getting rid of the symptoms, and speculation has left to others.

Alcohol and Smoking Effects on Rhinoplasty

We all know that smoking is harmful to your health and much alcohol you consumed alcohol may produce negative results. However, alcohol and smoking effects on rhinoplasty can be negative (nose shaping surgery again) through the fact of these bad habits are particularly dangerous.  If you want to have rhinoplasty surgery, get rid of some of the reasons to get rid of using smoking and alcohol to your justification.

Is smoking and alcohol really affecting rhinoplasty results, if so how? In this article, we will try to express how the smoking and alcohol effects negatively for the whole process of rhinoplasty

Non Smokers are Good Candidates for Rhinoplasty

When you read the list of the good candidates of rhinoplasty, you will probably see that there is a necessity of quit alcohol and smoking. Most plastic surgery body and face, the best surgical candidates “in terms of overall health good, non-realistic expectations as to the results and know employees aren’t” claim they carry. This seems to be the universal laws. If you planning to consulting for a rhinoplasty surgery and if you smoke or drinking alcohol, you must quit them to comply for the procedure.

Alcohol and smoking effects on rhinoplasty in a negative way and also cause serious problems on body and health. Nicotine in cigarette is extremely harmful for blood vessels, reduces the circulation in the skin and clogs them. True blood and oxygen circulation, is absolutely necessary in the process of recovery and encourages looking young and healthy skin. Unfortunately, many smoking cessation assistance that is the cause of the smoke has been triggered by inhibiting circulation contains nicotine. For this reason, plastic surgery patients to quit smoking, you will need to consider other methods.

In other side, infection and inhibit wound healing can occur because of these bad habits especially on smoking. Smokers’ risk of infection after rhinoplasty is higher than non-smokers. This is because the non-poor circulation caused by drinking adequate, injuries can prevent healing properly and resulting in death or other skin problems is creating an infection. Smoking extends the healing process and reduces the chances of getting a good result after the surgery. Besides, alcohol may be dangerous during the recovery period, because it can be increases the risk of bleeding. Bleeding after surgery is usually less, but they contain all bets in alcohol and cigarettes.

Smoking constricts blood vessels, expands them alcohol, and this is especially after rhinoplasty surgery can lead to increased swelling. Swelling will be up to 18 months after rhinoplasty, but at the lowest level is useful for best results keep, so avoid alcohol during healing and then eat lightly. Also, cigarettes damage your skin is packed with dangerous toxins and improves the aesthetics of the nose becomes more difficult. Alcohol is a diuretic and can cause dry skin, which is very sensitive. Rhinoplasty patients to help protect the skin from the Sun are advised to keep their noses and avoided alcohol during healing nose can help keep the skin moist and beautiful. Cigarettes, sometimes irreversible necrosis of the skin, scarring and skin loss may occur. These problems should be taken seriously and to quit smoking to improve health, such as the disposal of a few simple steps can significantly reduce the risk of scarring.

Rhinoplasty is a complex operation involving a cartilage, skin, bone and complex functional structure. In addition to choosing a highly experienced and qualified surgeon, your lifestyle and how you look at yourself before and after surgery are the most important factors for surgery success. If the quit process may be difficult, you can consider the devastating repercussions that may arise through alcohol and smoking effects on rhinoplasty. It is easier to avoid problems before they occur rather than to fix them later.

Post-Operative Rhinoplasty Results

Many patients who are smoke has legitimate concerns about the effect of smoking will create the post-operative rhinoplasty results. During the consultation, rhinoplasty surgeon will highlight the importance of staying away from smoking for at least two weeks. This despite the fact that the current standard, if you cannot permanently purchase smoking postpone for at least four weeks or more is the safest method. Nicotine is narrowing the blood vessels, may be affected by the weak recovery from the nose easily, can be exposed to an increased risk of infection or a second Rhinoplasty surgery can lead to other complications may occur. In the early stages of recovery, the nose is very sensitive, as far as possible; to leave your habit of smoking that keeping yourself healthy and look great is the best strategy for your nose.