15 October 2016

Nose Massage after Rhinoplasty

, one of the questions that faced by many people is . After the surgery, we guess we are waiting for some swellings in the nose appearance for few weeks. Through this, is recommended by doctors for the expectation of come down swellings and taking nose shape better. But here, there is a point to be careful. While, some doctors recommend a after rhinoplasty, rest of them against it.  So what is the cause of this opinion difference and what is the effect of ? We tried to research every aspect of and its affects after rhinoplasty.


Doctors that advise nose massage, advocate the opinion that, changes through rhinoplasty in the nose that have a different structure long time, may cause different work of the nose muscles. In this respect, nose massage might be useful for proper work of muscles. Also, because of changes bone and cartilage textures of the nose, these are must be adapted to the nose over the time. Through this adaptation process after rhinoplasty, swelling and edemas occur on the nose. For this reason, nose massage is recommended to be done for this swelling and edema.

When looking the other aspect, some of the doctors or surgeons oppose . According to them, with the pressure of nose massage may cause slipping in cartilage and opening thin sutures. Besides, if you do not set violence while massaging, you can damage your nose and cause deformities in nose shape. On the other hand, the first month after rhinoplasty surgery, because of nose is very sensitive; you must shield your nose from outside intrusion and must be protected well against impact.

is very important for the nose, because the nose is very delicate. Taking this situation ahead, if your doctor will advise you the nasal , you necessarily ask him how you should do it. Because there can be differing opinions even for steps and application methods of nose massage. Also, considering that all patients of have the same surgery, it can be normal that doctors propose different massages for each patient.

There are many opinions about nose massage after rhinoplasty. There is no doubt that it’s your decision for your nose with your nose surgeon. If you want to have a new appearance with rhinoplasty, but also afraid of after surgery process, you can talk nose massage with your doctor. Through his / her advices and redirections, you will pass the whole process in right condition with the best appearance that you want.

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