26 September 2015

Nose Roof Stenosis (Valve Stenosis)

Nasal valve is defined as the first part of the fly zone nose air goes into the nose until the middle is 1/3. This region is the narrowest place of the airway. External valve and inner valve he is divided. The region is where the external valve nose wing face internal valve region is defined as the roof of the nose to the Middle wing of the nose with the nose in the middle of the mast is the septum combination. This region has a key role in breathing. Patients with nasal obstruction are nasal valve must be assessed in terms of its shortness.

Nasal Valve Collapse

Nasal Valve Collapse

What is the Role in Nasal Nalve Area of Breathing?

Nasal valve nose pole (septum) the angle of the wing of the nose with 10-15 degrees below. In the case of this angle narrow serious breathing problems. Depending on the structure of the nose, and depending on the trauma may occur.

collapses causes:

  • Nose bone curvatures (deviated septum)
  • Growth of the Lower nasal meat (lower turbinate hypertrophy)
  • Nose wing is weak and unsupported.

 If you have nasal congestion and shortness of nasal valve that if you want to find out whether; put your index finger nose wing face junction and pull gently outward. If you have your breathing produces significant improvement in nasal .

How Nasal Valve Stenosis Can Be Treated?

First of all, internally and externally should be a full examination of the nose, narrow the nose roof stenosis the reasons that created the. A nose very disorder can coexist. In a patient with chronic sinusitis and nasal deviation, the same time valve stenosis can be found such as this can also be found on your own.

Nasal valve stenosis in patients identified reason for surgery must be implemented. So if you have to be corrected, the inferior Concha deviation to radiofrequency or surgery and if the wings of the nose if you have this weakness zone again with a thin sheet of cartilage taken from the inside of the nose should be strengthened.

Is Aesthetic Rhinoplasty Nose Collapses the Roof?

Your nose if you want plastic surgery with your doctor whether or not your breathing has been corrupted, which is not necessarily the problem. Aesthetic nose surgery correction of only the nose aesthetically with the addition of non-nasal disorders and should be corrected. In recent years, the burgeoning structured nose roof stenosis techniques with aesthetically beautiful and harmonious nose attempting to be made at the same time, is intended to make a strong nose structure. These techniques are taken from the roof of the middle with nose still nose cartilage and nasal valve region supported with.

Then, breathing problems, the operation is in progress, you must necessarily be evaluated in terms of the nasal valve. If it is necessary in the middle of the nose should be strengthened and the roof of the nose and wings.

In terms of functions and aesthetics of the nose, the roof of the nose is very preliminary. According to the latest scientific developments with aging tissue degradation and support the quality of the texture tends to lose her nose surgery is performed in the middle of the nose, supported by strong nose and roof of the wings must be brought into. That’s the only way over the years, good function and structurally strong nose can be created.

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