02 December 2015

Nose Types and Shapes for Rhinoplasty

Arched Nose

The geography of Anatolia, we run into quite often as people of nose pretty arched. It is usually accompanied by the decrease in nasal tip and arched nose structure in the nose to the tip of the adequate removal process is not done aesthetically bad which has the appearance of a long nose is obtained. This patient was unhappy.

Rhinoplasty Before and After

Before and After

The Curve of the Nose

Usually due to broken or that occur after trauma less often, congenital deformity of the curve of the nose, rhinoplasty surgery is one of the largest forced variation. Almost nose to challenge us. In many cases it is sufficient to have a meaningful correction for surgical success.  Usually I use this technical approach open to patients, according to surgery instead of curve fingerprinting methods can differ.

Drooping Nasal Type (Low)

When we inevitably sagging nasal tip with ageing. In this case gravity is caused by the effect aging textures. The upturned nasal tip rather than individuals with normal, low nasal tip those who suffer from this problem, as they get older. Drooping nasal tip, even if a physiological process of becomes apparent. The angle between the upper nose Shiner and anatomically males 90 degrees and 100-110 degrees in women should be between. Low nose tip is that the bottom of the angle 90 degrees.  Of course, this person is older.

Long Nose Type

Another name is Pinocchio nose. It is longer than it should be towards the front of the nose. Preoperative require detailed analysis and other structures of the face we need assessment together with the tip of the nose, often long nose holes is larger than it should be, you can always tell at a glance, too. Surgery of the tip of nose is the intervention, while it should be able to jump.

Wide and Large Nasal Type

Aesthetic appearance is quite adverse effects in the aquatic environment.  The light falls should consist of the nasal rhinoplasty surgery tip ghosting and light lines do not occur in the natural projection. This type of nose in the surgical correction of clear technical approach is preferred. At the end of the surgery; standing in the midline to get a thin refined nose tip and symmetric is to downsize.

Narrow Nose Type

If your nose is shorter and slimmer appearance is not only aesthetic but also functional as a breathing problem.  Because the upper middle and lower part of the nose, on the count of three leaves; each of the three parts can be individually or together strictures.

The nasal tip cartilage crunched the nasal tip is too weak. It’s almost like latch is like compressed nose. When planning nose end surgery and strengthen the structure of the cartilage of nose for rhinoplasty surgery on the flanks with extra cartilage problem completely.

Flattened Nasal Type

Nasal tip-to-face its like stuck, there are a lot of flattened nose tip converge problem. The nasal tip cartilage is caused by lack of support in this case. Functional nasal congestion is accompanied by the problem. Nasal tip and surgical wings placed pieces of thick cartilage that strengthens provides adequate solution.

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