30 March 2016

Operations Combining with Rhinoplasty

only does more than change the appearance of the nose. Nose is extremely prominent facial features and has a huge impact on the overall appearance of the face. It’s not quite the same as face symmetry of facial balance, but it’s affecting each other and a property change, you can change the balance of the entire face and facial harmony. In some cases, patients a more balanced overview for other , you may want to consider combining with rhinoplasty.

Operations Combining with Rhinoplasty(20)

Many face, nose surgery can be combined with the most common face shape and contour, although it takes into factors affecting. Rhinoplasty most often focused on anti-aging procedures not required are made in younger patients. Here are some of the nasal surgery can be combined with surgeries.

Chin Augmentation

So far, the most common combinations according to the procedure, Rhinoplasty and chin augmentation combination greatly increased in popularity over the past few years. Studies made with a rhinoplasty chin augmentation is within operations combining with rhinoplasty help improve patient satisfaction with the results. Nose, chin and distinctive facial features, so two development properties at the same time greatly helps to improve facial balance makes sense.


Many people are far away on a stick with our ears to the floor or other cosmetic flaws. Otoplasty usually referred to as “nailing ears” jutting ears reduce or ear reshaping surgery to improve ear deformities. Many people experience bullying as a child, protruding ears, and we want them fixed to an adult. Otoplasty is frequently used in operations combining with rhinoplasty it with, in some cases, it might be a good idea.

Cheek Implants

The other is bad for stroke patients with cheeks chin or ears are more worrying. Improve the appearance of the field and the small implants, Rhinoplasty to improve results, and is a great way to balance out your face.

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