15 January 2018

Patient Expectations in Rhinoplasty

Everyone’s face profile and dynamics are different. And the patient expectations in rhinoplasty are also different. The facial symmetry of everybody is specific to itself. The goal of nasal aesthetic operation is to create a new nose shape proportional to everyone’s face. For this reason, studies performed before surgery play an important role.

There are people in society who are not satisfied with the shape of the nose and are ready to make every sacrifice to change it. However, in order to ensure successful results from the operation of the nasal aesthetic, the demands must be more realistic. Each model of nose created does not show the same effect on everyone’s face. This detail must be taken into account by the patients.

First, the nose aesthetic specialist who will perform the operation should be selected by searching well. The nasal aesthetics specialist who will perform the surgery and the patients should be interviewed in the operation of the mutual nasal aesthetic surgery and an evaluation should be made to avoid problems.

When people decide to nose aesthetics, they should have realistic expectations in their goals. Patients should transfer these expectations without hesitation.

As the technology progresses, the nose aesthetic surgeon examines the photographs taken from different angles of the patient in the digital environment and the nose shape is created in the virtual environment with the computer programs.

Thus, patients have information about the structure of the nose after surgery. Following nose aesthetics, it is necessary to follow the advice of the patients not to neglect their controls.

The importance of nose shape in

The nose is located in the most crucial part of the face as a structure of breathing and sniffing, with two outwardly protruding holes in the face between the forehead and upper lip. The nose, which opens out to the outside, goes towards the back of the chute.

The inner structure of the nose is the mucus layer, hair and capillary vessels. Due to the interior being fuzzy and damp, the outside air is humidified, heated and the air is cleaned from foreign materials.

Among the aesthetic operations, rhinoplasty, which is the most preferred and applied, is an operation that is popular among the adolescents and adults. Nowadays everyone is paying more attention to the external appearance depending on. For this reason, it is important that the shape of the nose is as smooth as it is desired through patient expectations in rhinoplasty. Nasal aesthetics is the best way to achieve this.

In which season is rhinoplasty done most?

As with other aesthetic operations, these surgeries are most popular in autumn and spring. When schools are closed, young people tend to nose more. In practice, young people prefer nose aesthetics to become a new face owner. Patients should not go out to the sun for at least 1 month after surgery, although there is no objection to the type of operations being performed.

Along with this, there are also some advantages to be made in the summer, and entering the saline water one month after the operation helps to improve the nasal healing and recovery rapidly. Direct exposure to the sun can cause permanent staining on the skin.

In people with allergies, spring months in pollen allergies may not be preferred. After this operation, patients should sneeze their mouths openly while sneezing, avoiding intranasal pressure increasing movements. The new nose shape may suffer from it. Therefore, I want my patients to stay as far away from their allergies as possible after the surgery.

How is rhinoplasty surgery for nasal aesthetics done?

Rhinoplasty operation is done with general anesthesia. First of all, the patient is assessed whether this change is ready or not. The profile is examined, the airways checked. Patients are informed about the complications of the operation depending on patient expectations in rhinoplasty. Depending on the changes here, the process takes about 3-4 hours. Since the result cannot be obtained immediately in these surgeries, the healing process takes a little longer. But it is not a painful operation.

What should be considered when rhinoplasty changes?

The profile on the face of the patients is passed through the eye and the respiratory tract is assessed. In order for the new nose shape to match the face and general appearance, the best planning is done. If these are provided, nasal aesthetics can be performed with a successful operation.

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