15 August 2017

Rhinoplasty with Chin Aesthetic

Facial beauty is one of the most frequently performed aesthetic surgery operations in most of the country. Success of is through on forming a nose that looks natural and face-compatible depending on a personal structure. On the other hand, the expectations of the patient must also be realistic.

If the patient comes in for a photo, he insists the doctor “I want this nose,” and if this nose structure is not in aesthetic harmony with the patient’s facial features then it cannot be said about a successful operation. For this reason, taking into account their facial features, having a face that fits the face describes a realistic expectation.

It is very important for to form the desired shape of the nose, the width of the face, the length of the face, and the alignment with the other lines of the face. Another important point is the interesting link between the the nose and the chin harmony.

It is a factor that enhances patient satisfaction in a nose-like woman and a man who are compatible with the chin structure and shape. The chin structure is especially important for the appearance of a masculine face. When the chin structure of the men is fuller, slightly longer and slightly angular, the face becomes more masculine and harder when the tip is slightly forward.

The situation in women is slightly different. A dull, lost chin is not desirable. Not very noticeable, very sharp and long chin structure with triangular or rounded structure is acceptable for the female face.

Scientific aspect of relationship between nose and chin

The relationship between the chin and the nose, or rather the nasal tip, has been demonstrated in scientific studies that increase the patient satisfaction, which affects the level of success of the results obtained from the nasal aesthetic surgeries as .

The American Medical Journal JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery, a prestigious publication of the medical world concerned, recently published the results of a research study. This is a study of how to get the best outcome from the study of Yale University and University of Verona in collaboration with the nose.

The study on nasal aesthetics lasted for 11 years. The research showed that combined feasibility of nasal aesthetics and chin aesthetics gives more effective results. The results obtained from the results of rhinoplasty with revealed the harmony between the two lines. The aesthetic operation performed on the tip of the chin during the nose aesthetics revealed that the aesthetic appearance in the face was extended to the long term and maximum level.

Rhinoplasty can be Insufficient

If you do nose aesthetics by yourself, even the most successful and natural-looking end result, disproportion at the tip of the chin can not meet the desired expectation in face expression in case of backwardness, smallness. Despite the fabulous formation of the nose, the patient can create a dissatisfaction that he does not understand very well.

This study was carried out between 2002 and 2004 with 90 patients followed up to 2013 with nasal aesthetics and chin aesthetics. Historical reviews have been under scrutiny. Bebaber chin enlargement operation was performed with nasal aesthetic in 52 percent of the patients, and chin reduction operation was performed in 48 percent.

For chin operations, oil was extracted from other parts of the body using chin implants and silicone implants. It was observed that the results of these combined operations positively determined the aesthetic appearance of the face in the long run. 90 patients also expressed satisfaction with the results of the two operations.

So, how should the relationship between the rhinoplasty with chin aesthetic? In women and men, the relationship between the nose and chin is slightly different. First of all, we need to draw a straight line between the nose and chin in two cinste. The lips of women should stay just behind this straight line.

He should not go out of line. In males, it should be a little more behind than women. In addition, there is a feminine and masculine nose in the nasal aesthetic, which determines the face expression. In women, the nose tip should have an angle of 95 to 115 degrees with the upper lip.

In males it should be between 90-95. In males, when this angle rises above 95 degrees, a raised feminine nose emerges. If it falls below 90, aesthetic deformation occurs which we call nose drop. Again in women, it reveals the shape of a nose-aesthetic masculine nose under 95 degrees. In the nasal aesthetic of over 115, the nostrils are clearly visible when viewed from the outside and this is an undesirable situation.

Two methods are applied in nose aesthetics. Closed and open nasal aesthetic surgery methods. According to the condition of the deformity of the patient’s nose, facial contours and patient’s expectations, which method is more suitable, nose surgery is performed with that technique.

Since nasal aesthetic operations are performed frequently in our country, we can say that physician experience has come a long way in taking the most natural and successful results. In fact, the surgeries and the results of Turkish aesthetic surgeons about nasal aesthetics have caught up with the world standards. The results are natural, face compatible, have aesthetic lines, do not understand nose aesthetics, and bring patient satisfaction to the maximum level.

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