27 September 2015

Hiloteraphy Treatment For Bruises and Swelling After Rhinoplasty

treatment for the last year available and especially after lividity surgery and Rhinoplasty swelling is used to reduce a method. Rhinoplasty surgery looking for information about almost everyone the first two things I hear nose first into the bumper and there are bruises and swelling that occurs after surgery.

Rhinoplasty Recovery Process

Rhinoplasty Recovery Process

The reason for the formation of after rhinoplasty bruising and swelling of the nasal bone during the truncation and postoperative eye tissues are leaking blood. To avoid this situation in the postoperative period, keeping the patient’s head as classic high ice application of eye contour area and should be done. However, when the applicability of their coldness of the ice and as the ice that 0 degrees is limited and cannot being long periods of time. The reason for this is to make the skin burns for a long time it was the ice application.

Hiloteraphy treatment with 15 degree chilled water with the help of a special mask is a method of applying eye contour 15 degrees is freezing skin damage for consistently being applied, non-stop for four hours non-stop was a result of the implementation can be fully effective.

Post surgery with mist on your face with a mask of hiloterapi systems is minimal.Rhinoplasty surgery, you get yuzunuze hiloterapi mask applied thanks to a certain soguklukta with water mist discharge and pain is much less. Especially in the first 8 hours of 80% after edema and haze of Rhinoplasty practice for stress management. This method is a lot of swelling and bruises after Rhinoplasty surgery significantly reduces and this makes patients more comfortable postoperative process occurs.

Hiloteraphy treatment is compared with the application of ice is more comfortable than bruising and swelling, bruising and swelling disappear completely, however, so does not reduce.

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