30 October 2016

Ideal Time of Rhinoplasty

Usually, decision making process is started by people before the age of 18. Most of people care about his/her nose and don’t like its shape, so want to be . This is the biggest feature of the period already, didn’t like to his/her various parts of the body. So, can we have a whenever we want or is there an ideal time of rhinoplasty? There’s a certain ? Would seasonal summer or winter period make any difference for surgery? We tried to explain these questions in here for you.



One of the most common questions of rhinoplasty is about age. Because people, especially in adolescence period, know their bodies better and they can start to like themselves. So many of them search and decide rhinoplasty in a first time for improve their appearance better. They think that everyone looking his / her nose and they are surprised how to stand for taken picture. Over the years people jumping this kind of events and have bigger confidence. But some people want to be rhinoplasty without waiting this transition or healthy thinking period.

Is There any Age Limitation for Rhinoplasty?

Although, there is no legal sense about the age limit of rhinoplasty, in general, there are some limitations recommended by doctors. The full completion of the development of the person is firstly income of these limitations and be accepted the ideal time of rhinoplasty. Because, after the surgery, which will take place before completing the development, shape changes occur in nose through of the growth in nasal bone or cartilage. In order to prevent these risks, there will be expected patients to complete their development of the rhinoplasty patient. This could be called an 18 age limit. Usually, people complete their development until the age of 18, and not much development will see after this age. Even some doctors add up to ideal age limit to 17 live in women. So, the decision of rhinoplasty surgery is up to you in some ways.

Which Season is better for Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Another point of rhinoplasty that people care while deciding surgery is which month or season will be accurate for the best rhinoplasty process.  In this aspect, in summer, it’s not very comfortable to stand with plaster or bandage after surgery, so it assumed that it is not an ideal time of rhinoplasty. Besides, some doctors do not recommend getting out of the sun after 4 – 6 weeks of rhinoplasty. All these are taken into consideration, for the summer months a little more trouble to have the surgery. But because of a lot of people working and they want to have rhinoplasty in the period of their annual permit, can cause a restriction in the choice of month or season of surgery. In the other way, each nose surgery is not in the same way, so you can decide the month according to your doctor issues. This topic may not be very important in some surgeries that can be performed with a simple process.

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