10 January 2016

Laser Rhinoplasty

, nose surgery patients is the development of maximum delight. Need to get the healing process faster and be less painful laser aesthetics of the nose makes it more attractive.

Today, it’s very important that with the advancement of technology developments have been recorded. 3D imaging technology along with photos of the patient prior to surgery, folds, and foresee the result to be obtained after the operation. So planning is decided together with the patients and when performing nose surgery is carried out in accordance with this plan.


Until a few years ago rhinoplasty surgery in bone and cartilage with mucosal internal is thrown in the middle trying to cover processed way. Today’s laser rhinoplasty like rough skin cover with thinned Rhinoplasty nose is able to give. Also advancing with age the skin loose relation is prevented. Non-surgical Rhinoplasty is used in combination with fillers and Botox in laser technology.

Today, the most applied and one of the preferred plastic surgery Rhinoplasty surgery, both in terms of health and have an important place in terms of aesthetic appearance. The main purpose when laser rhinoplasty nose before giving way under the knife and the nose contour is the corrections can be made.

In addition, non-surgical rhinoplasty and solution to the problem of low nasal tip application is written in, the fill method with the temporarily successful results are obtained.

As another application is introduced without surgery with local anesthesia is applied, the cartilage was surgically dissected and the tip of the nose of the ridge is an application where the right rope hanger. The purpose of this application is to remove the tip of the nose. However, if you have other deformities of the nose end of the curve of the nose and the bone does not provide the elimination of redundancy.

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