20 January 2016

Preparation for Rhinoplasty

is no doubt the most important issue before the patient’s expectations and requests that the doctor is fully share. Preparation for the patient taken photographs of our request for a nose is a nose how you blame him he didn’t want the nose itself is the most troubling factors.

Preparation for Rhinoplasty (1)

Rhinoplasty surgery and preparation for rhinoplasty is very important for candidates and their psychological state. Rhinoplasty surgery especially the healing process is a procedure that requires a long and patience. It’s good to be ascertained by the doctor and the patient’s expectations of the doctor and patient can obtain results and detail. Prior to the person’s health problems, surgery, has undergone surgery, before the drugs your doctor before surgery if you must specify them necessarily.

If the patient is using smoke and drink, if possible leave a week before the surgery, and then you should not drink for 2 weeks after surgery. Because non-reducing blood flow to the wound healing complications, such as bleeding, infection because it delayed all the way you appear the risk increases. A week before the surgery alcohol intake discontinued until no post-operative bandages. Preoperative aspirin and blood thinner drugs because of the risk of bleeding during and after surgery be Rhinoplasty surgery is at least 10 days prior to release.

If you have surgery if it’s the morning after a night before you eat anything 12 and drinking if you want to raise your afternoon if the surgery is surgery on the morning of the day you’re going to be eating anything after 07 and drinking preparation for rhinoplasty. At least 6 hours before your surgery Rhinoplasty because hungry and thirsty, you need to be. Surgery diseases such as influenza, cold days coming to the State in question is your surgery our downtime. B because of the surgery, you need to watch out for the common cold week in particular.

Prior to the surgery, rhinoplasty surgery, you’re going to be day anesthesia will be examined by a doctor and a number of blood tests will be done. This inspection and tests after the surgery will be carried out through a situation stop you unless your operation.

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