09 January 2016

Problems Solved with Rhinoplasty

All functions of human life in addition to being an organ that controls the characteristic structure of the face also plays an important role in determining. If you are not happy with your nose image or if you have a functional complications that make it difficult to breathe that can disrupt your quality of life. disrupts the ability to breathe properly you can correct physiological complications and problems solved with . At the same time, you can correct the shape of your nose advanced aesthetic techniques. There are several types of Rhinoplasty to meet your needs.

Functional Rhinoplasty Procedures

Breathing problems solved with rhinoplasty that causes them physical abnormalities. In the same way that physical.

trauma also. Your plastic surgeon your nose cartilage and bone tissue by repositioning, allows you to breathe comfortably, on the other hand, the shape of your nose.

Can be open or closed Rhinoplasty technique. Open Rhinoplasty nose incisions in your nose, your nose, closed Rhinoplasty incisions in into the outside is thrown.


Deviated Septum Fixes

Septum, nose, cut in half, forming a space on either side of the nose and by separating the nose cartilage is a tissue that enables the merger with the skull. Deviation is caused by nasal congestion and slip in the septum festering situation. When you draw a straight line, healthy nose deviation deviation if C or S type curl. Must be equal to each other, the gaps on either side of the nose. On the Cape this offset is corrected and the top portion of the nose again/glide features, you may have to give.

Non-Surgical Nose Surgery

Surgical methods to correct minor flaws that do not contain usually used Botox injection and the use of substances such as the fill method. There’s fix for this operation, if applicable 6 minutes rhinoplasty can make, no pain pain or bruising and swelling are to get rid of the way your nose without disorder.

Nose Implant Techniques

To change the size and shape of the nose to help the silicone implant is used, technical. Rhinoplasty surgeries to change the shape of the nose by shrinking cartilage tissue problems solved with rhinoplasty taken or for those who want to raise is, if necessary, can be done to add synthetic tissue that nose implant. You want to have your nose your nose structure and characteristics as the one that suits you best from rhinoplasty is selected. Comparison of techniques all are different from each other, and according to the problem in your nose and the most appropriate method is implemented by selected by your surgeon.

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