22 January 2016

Rhinoplasty Surgery

can change nose sept of some medical problems the deviation-like my or just a nose surgery to improve the properties of an application. For the improvement of the appearance of the nose, each year more than one million people face and referring to the plastic surgeon surgery.

With rhinoplasty your nose in order to improve the appearance and function of the available bone and her reshaping is an application that is not secure and complications.  targets your face, your nose to accommodate other features of aesthetic correction.

Rhinoplasty (27)

When you look through your nose must be compatible. If you detect if a belt that does not appear pleasing to the eye, your nose tip part extremely floppy or your nose is too thick or thin because your nose appears out of proportion with the rest of your face, the perfect solution to overcome these problems in rhinoplasty surgery. Rhinoplasty (nose reshaping) can increase your self-confidence by changing your appearance and your health can contribute in a positive way.

This improves the appearance of the nose surgery can improve the appearance of your face in general practice. A large part of the eye incision made Rhinoplasty possible non-nasal areas. In some applications the surgical incisions can be made in the area of skin that separates the nostrils. These processes will be removed within a certain amount of bone and cartilage, or are arranged to create a shaped nose again. During surgery, the nose is placed into the buffer, the morning after the surgery that removed a tampon. Nasal splint is removed 7 days after rhinoplasty surgery for the most part. During this period, in addition to the seven days of the nose wings band is applied, and then these tapes are also taken.

The next four weeks the operation heavy activities should be avoided. In this process, from the Sun’s rays from all kinds of risk factors that can hurt his nose and avoided.  Glasses are used; to prevent the load onto the nose thousand tape should be used.

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