12 March 2016

Scooped Bridge in Rhinoplasty

Have you ever heard the term “ski jump nose” means that you may not know the term, if any? Typically, after this, describes a nose tip down, across the bridge, dips, typically rises at a glance the desire for women thought. However, you can get very low bridge scooped down many more straight to a profile we’re looking for, especially for men.

Some people viewed a procedure without compromising the results of the generic method and create a feminine look, extreme-nose hump, to take down the results of a in rhinoplasty.

Scooped Bridge in Rhinoplasty (7)

What is Scooped Bridge?

A patient comes to a plastic surgeon and humped nose profile, in addition to affecting the front makes the nose appear larger, because usually when you want to remove a nose, the most common . This request contains the bones of the nose cutting and filing (and sometimes the bones breaking and adjust the), naturally, is a complex process, and sometimes it’s so easy for how often plastic surgeons, but too much tissue is removed from the bridge. This is resulting in a “ski-jump” appearance causes the light bridge scooped diving.

Surgical technique patients because the scooped bridge in rhinoplasty their requests and potential pitfalls can be critical to provide positive results, it is important to do everything possible. Considering a nasal hump reduction ending with a pit bridge if you have concerns, there is to set yourself up for a successful procedure should take has three main steps: choosing the right surgeon for the contact with your doctor about the objectives clearly, and properly care for yourself after rhinoplasty.

Your doctor will be the most important factor, of course, the success of rhinoplasty. Because the complexity of the procedure, have experience in a variety of surgical techniques that focuses on rhinoplasty is a board certified facial plastic surgeon, it is important to choose.  Required skills and to create art, but good results can develop harmony and trust who has a surgeon, it is important to select only one surgeon.

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