15 January 2016


surgery if combined with respiratory problems can be corrected easily with if. So deviated septum surgery or in conjunction with nose surgery can be done easily with the meat and this is called a surgery.

A patient with respiratory problems that solution complaints with is an increase of complaints and then maybe again and again would result in a . For that reason, patients with deviated septum or nasal rhinoplasty surgery if the meat will have to be resolved with these problems demand.

Septorhinoplasty Surgery (7)


Septum; It is a wall that separates the nasal cavity in half.  Under ideal conditions, and set the left and right that can be present in the midline septum nose must be of equal-width spaces.80% of the people isn’t exactly midline septum and this is why any complaint is not, for the most part not a health problem, too. Sometimes deviated too much from the midline septum is deviated septum or a nose deviated and called.

The most common symptom of nasal septum deviation is from difficulty breathing. Nasal congestion is usually the septum oblique side, but both sides constantly or sometimes right, sometimes left to be variable difficulty breathing can lead to feel, too. Surgery is the treatment of septum deviation and this surgery called septorhinoplasty. Deviated nose surgery can also be performed separately or in combination with.

Septorhinoplasty surgery can be done with both General and local anesthesia. However, my personal opinion and aesthetic venture with septoplasty surgery is done with accuracy and therefore make this surgery with local anesthesia is not practical and healthy. The midline septum surgery should be brought to the position. During surgery are removed completely, extreme sloping portions of the septum can be corrected by giving the new shape of parts these is placed in the back.

Determines of the development of facial bones in the nasal septum are set the centers. Surgical treatment of septum leads set in childhood, the development of these centers and to avoid breaking the bones of the face usually is not made before the age of 17. Adults are not active growth centers and septoplasty surgery not an adverse effect on the shape of the face.

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