05 April 2019

Social Life After Rhinoplasty

surgery that is performed under general anesthesia is one of the plastic surgery, allowing the creation of a new nose shape within 3-4 hours. It is suitable that the operation to be done at a hospital with medical equipment and sufficient environment for surgery.

Communicating with the patient and doctor before the surgery is also the biggest factor in the creation of as desired the right shape of the new nose. Afterwards, different studies should be done and precautions should be taken in order to take the necessary precautions in order to reduce swelling and bruising from the patient.

Thanks to the newly developed methods in this field is contained in the structure of bone and cartilage tissues of the nose much hacking using a fine workmanship without nose structure was dominated again.  is in the process of healing patients with bed rest can continue their normal life without the requirement.

Even after surgery, patients will be able to level of casual jobs and social life they feel good about themselves itself.  In order for patients to be in as soon as possible, they need to pay attention to certain rules.

If there is no problem developing after the rhinoplasty surgery, the patient is discharged from the hospital one day after the operation. The effects of swelling and bruising, which are the normal effects of surgery, occur in 4 to 5 days. In order to achieve faster recovery, it is beneficial for the physician to recommend a cold application periodically for two days around the nose and eyes with the recommendation of the physician and to be uplifted by supporting the head with a pillow when lying down.

If the swelling and edema persist for a long time, it may be due to the thickness of the skin structure. Because this complication commonly seen in thick and oily skin. It is normal for the patients to have bleeding from the nostrils through the nostrils for a few days after the surgery.

For this reason, patients should be evaluated well before surgery and all kinds of subjects should be emphasized. This is important so that there is no problem in the healing process after the operation.

It will take a week after the surgery to return patients to work. This can be longer for heavy workers. It is also worth noting that patients will not need bed rest during the recovery period. They can easily navigate without forcing themselves; there is no restriction on their movement.

The return to their social lives can take place in a shorter time. Compared to other surgical interventions, this process is shorter in patients with rhinoplasty surgery. If rules are to be followed, they can be found in a shorter period of social life if attention is paid to the precautions to be taken. Return to social life can be shortened by measures taken by the patient

In the aspect of social life after rhinoplasty, at least 6 months must pass before the new nose can be seen after surgery. In this period, patients should protect their noses from the smallest pulse, avoiding sunlight. It should not be entered into hot environments such as baths and saunas.

Patients wearing eyeglasses need to wear lenses for a certain period of time in order to get the latest state of the new nose shape, which was created according to the plan before surgery. Patients feel happy when they get nose-to-shoulder after surgery. In order to achieve this, the patients should not disrupt their regularly stated checks during the healing period.

In general, rhinoplasty is an operation that does not restrict the social lives and activities of patients. As the healing progresses, the desire to be in social life increases. They pay more attention to the rules that must be followed, since they are intended to show the new nose shapes around their surroundings. As healing progresses, they get more involved in social life.

Though healing spans, improvement in the first stage can be seen clearly exactly 6 months to 1 year. It is possible to see the shape of the nose in general terms earlier. As a result, those who have surgery will take social action before. If they are shaped like noses as they want, they feel happier in social life after rhinoplasty.

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